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Media Diary Part One (Cont’d)
December 5, 2010, 9:14 pm
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24 Hour Media Usage – Wednesday 1st December 2010

6:30 – Woke up to alarm on mobile phone, reset for 7am, pressed snooze till 7:30 (not unusual for me….)

7:30 – Checked what to eat for the day from eating plan printed out from online (it’s working, too!)

Logged onto laptop, checked 3 email accounts, WEB207 site, Facebook, Yahoo chat, looked at shopping, real estate and another social networking site I belong to.  Sent text to sister via mobile phone.

Country drive to work, so no signage apart from passing a few shops – instead green pasture, cows, flooded lake-type thing and black swans (sometimes there’s a white goose among them too, I’m sure he thinks he’s a swan.  We have bets on how long he’ll last at Christmas time!)

8:30 – Logged on to PC at work.  Checked backup to make sure all okay.  Opened Outlook, MS Office, Firefox.  Turned colour printer on, checked for messages on answering machine.  Swapped external hard disk drives for backup tonight.

9:00 – Helped staff member with activation key for MS Office 2010 (which reminds me I need to put it on my laptop!)

Throughout the day – processed volunteer claims for fuel reimbursement and client assessment requests sent via email using printer and MS Office (networked)

Made/received multiple phone calls via bluetooth headset from clients, potential clients and volunteers.

Collated/distributed 200 newsletters that had been printed on another Providers’ printer (Publisher (eeew!) document sent to them via email).

Photocopied relevant work stuff on multifunction centre.

Accessed relevant info about volunteers on internet via google alerts.

Responded to SMS from sister on mobile phone.

Checked Facebook, Hotmail and the bulletin board.  Checked bank balance online, checked Odesk (virtual worksite) to see how many hours I’d worked for my e-boss this week. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

Swapped texts with my daughter about her exams and boyfriend about everyday stuff via mobile (He’s in WA so we have to utilise every bit of technology we can to stay in touch!)

Added new client to database.

Accessed database for network support specialist who was setting up a couple more computers.

4:45 pm – went to gym, watched cardiotheatre and listened to ipod shuffle while cycling (Yes, I’m behind the times – bills keep getting in the way of me updating my music technology!)

6:00 pm – Got home, updated exercise so far this week on healthy lifestyle website via laptop.

Received text from work colleague about breakfast date in the morning.

Rang Mum and spoke to her on cordless phone for 30 minutes (Aaaaaw)

Texted sister to and fro about her operation today (she didn’t feel up to a phone call)

9:00 pm – checked e-work email, started updating website content for e-work, liaised with developers in India via email/Skype, sent updates to e-boss.  (Regularly scheduled Skype conference with e-boss cancelled this week).

Chatted with boyfriend via Yahoo instant chat for a while

11:00 pm – checked Facebook, hotmail, Thunderbird, gmail and a couple of social networking sites

Contemplated playing Luxor 2 but too tired.  Turned everything off for bed at 11:22. (Thought about listening to a meditation on the ipod as I slept but ear phones too big and hurt my ears after a prolonged period).

7:45 am – Logged on to laptop, checked Facebook, hotmail, yahoo and email after re-setting alarm from 6:30 to 7 and snoozing until 7:15 (Groundhog day……….)






Media Diary Part One
November 27, 2010, 10:43 am
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Today I commenced reading for WEB207.  One of our assignments is to create a diary of our media consumption over a 24 hour period.  Wow!  Just thinking about it makes my mind boggle, and I don’t see myself as a huge consumer of media.  However when I start to think about what I’ve done just this morning – mobile phone both talking and texting, checking email – outlook and hotmail, checking facebook and msn messenger, chatting on yahoo messenger, re-familiarising myself with twitter and my wordpress blog……  It makes the mind boggle, really.

While the only hardware I’ve used has been my mobile and my laptop, the amount of information I’ve been exposed to and the various ways in which I’ve had contact with people is astonishing.  Once again I can feel my brain expanding from study, giving me new views on things I just take for granted.  Can’t wait to actually make a start, but I’m thinking perhaps Monday would be a good day to officially commence my diary.  For now, the weekend calls – gotta love work/life/study balance!