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Media Diary Part One
November 27, 2010, 10:43 am
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Today I commenced reading for WEB207.  One of our assignments is to create a diary of our media consumption over a 24 hour period.  Wow!  Just thinking about it makes my mind boggle, and I don’t see myself as a huge consumer of media.  However when I start to think about what I’ve done just this morning – mobile phone both talking and texting, checking email – outlook and hotmail, checking facebook and msn messenger, chatting on yahoo messenger, re-familiarising myself with twitter and my wordpress blog……  It makes the mind boggle, really.

While the only hardware I’ve used has been my mobile and my laptop, the amount of information I’ve been exposed to and the various ways in which I’ve had contact with people is astonishing.  Once again I can feel my brain expanding from study, giving me new views on things I just take for granted.  Can’t wait to actually make a start, but I’m thinking perhaps Monday would be a good day to officially commence my diary.  For now, the weekend calls – gotta love work/life/study balance!


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You have made me tired all ready and reminded me of why it was good to retire.

Comment by Sandra

Sandra, thank you for your comment. That’s why I’m actually doing the study. I’ve been a single parent for a long, long time and as such haven’t built up enough of a nest egg to be able to retire. I’m hoping instead to work from home in the near future and design websites for people instead of going out to work. Of course, I’d still be more than keen to travel to meet clients to discuss their needs, if they wanted it, even though it’s not strictly necessary. I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your retirement! How are you passing the days?

Comment by Shan

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