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Topic 1.2 – Music: I Want My MP3
February 7, 2010, 9:51 pm
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What role does music play in your life and does it mesh with any of the practises and meanings described in the readings?

Music plays a definite role in my life.  Laughey discusses the use of music to set moods and differentiate between and cross gaps into private and public space.  I use music to set moods and to create a particular mindspace or atmosphere.  Examples are when studying I like to have something soothing and tranquil without lyrics to create an atmosphere conducive to concentration, when exercising I like to listen to upbeat, motivational music with gutsy lyrics and a good beat, when preparing/practising ritual I like to listen to ambient, soulful music to create a transcendent mindset or to meditate when going to sleep.

Are your tastes shared with other people or groups that you are in contact with? Do you download music, watch videos with music, reveal your tastes in online profiles and applications?

I share some of my musical tastes online through Finetune with my own playlists and via Facebook and Stumbleupon.  Musical preferences are usually something I actually discuss in person.  My daughter and I may swap video clips and music tracks of artists we both like and do it using digital technology, but nothing else really.  Before I split with my partner we used to swap videos and music of new artists that we’d found and thought the other might like all of the time.

How do you usually ‘pick up’ a band or song?

Certain groups of friends may post things from time to time on Facebook and I might pick something up I like from there, or I might conduct a music search for a specific genre of music to see what’s new.  I still listen to the radio a lot and my daughter listens to a lot of music so I may pick something up in that way as well.

Discuss your responses and the degree to which people’s responses match those described in the readings and/or the closest match to your own tastes and practices.


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